Taffeta Clothing Labels

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Who says clothes are the only products that need labels?

Who says clothes are the only products that need labels? Here at Kowloon Knitting, we understand that other product like pillowcases, towels, handbags, shoes, accessories, car seat covers, and yes, even toys need labels, too! If you’re looking for the right kind of label for your non-clothing product, then we have exactly what you need! Taffeta labels are best known for their high durability and straightforward messages, making them the perfect label for your brand. At Kowloon Knitting, we make the best, so you’ll be sure to get your money’s worth and more!

Finest quality

Our taffeta labels are made to the highest of standards. We understand that because they are ideal for products that undergo extensive usage, the labels themselves should be up to the challenge. That’s why at Kowloon Knitting, we make sure that each taffeta label is manufactured only with the best fabrics and threads. Our meticulous production procedures ensure that each label stands the test of time and stays flay-free through the years!

Artwork & Delivery Times are Fast! We Are Happy to provide a production sample of your label for approval on average 5 - 7 business working days once we receive your signed approval. We Strive to provide you with great value, fast turnaround & superior pricing.

Our Minimum Quantity Order is 500 pieces with no Maximum

Satisfaction guaranteed

At Kowloon Knitting, we make the best labels for your money’s worth! Find out why we’re number one when it comes to taffeta label manufacturing services!

If you’re interested in having your taffeta labels manufactured, or if you’re looking for more label options to fit your needs, browse our gallery for our extensive label services, or contact us at aaron@kklabels.com!

Benefits of having Taffeta Labels


  • Taffeta labels are best known to be highly-durable and cost-effective. They are commonly used on products that are expected to undergo extensive wear and tear. Here at Kowloon Knitting, we produce our taffeta labels to the highest of standards, so you’ll be sure to get the best bang for your buck. Our Taffeta labels are tried, tested, and trusted to withstand the test of use and time.

  • Cost-effective

  • Did we mention they’re cheap? Yes, taffeta labels are cheaper than most of our other label options. They’re durable and light-weight to ensure that they stay on your product no matter what the conditions.

  • Ideal care label

  • Because taffeta labels are durable, they’re ideal for products that might expect a considerable amount of usage. This also makes them ideal for care instructions, making them the most common care label in the market. Taffeta labels are designed to display simple text and patterns for washing and care instructions. Make sure your consumers know how to take care of your products with Kowloon Knitting finest quality taffeta labels!