Satin Clothing Labels

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Looking for the perfect label for your clothing garment?

Satin labels have been around for years and are the most commonly used labels in the market. If you’re looking for the best place to get your satin label, then you’ve come to the right place!

Artwork & Delivery Times are Fast! We Are Happy to provide a production sample of your label for approval on average 5 - 7 business working days once we receive your signed approval. We Strive to provide you with great value, fast turnaround & superior pricing.

Our Minimum Quantity Order is 500 pieces with no Maximum

Finest quality label

Our satin labels are tried, tested, and trusted to withstand the test of time. We ensure that each label stays for years without fading or flaying, so you can be sure that your consumers will never forget. Leave a long lasting impression with our finest quality satin labels!

Satisfaction Guaranteed!

At Kowloon Knitting, your satisfaction is what keeps us going! We make sure that each label is manufactured to the highest of standards. With our endless variety of fabrics, threads, and finishing cuts to choose from, you’ll be sure to find just the right fit for your personalized fabric needs. We offer the highest quality labels at the most affordable prices!

If you want to learn more about our satin labels, or if you want to find out about our other label services, feel free to browse our website or contact us contact us via our contact form or email at!

Benefits of having Satin Labels

    Classy at no cost

  • Bring out the best in your brand with Kowloon Knitting finest quality satin labels. These labels are made with fine satin fabric and exquisitely coloured threads, making them appealing and attractive to the eyes. Not only is it an elegant final touch for your clothing product, it also ensures that your brand never goes unnoticed.

  • Best for sensitive skin.

  • Because satin labels are known best for their soft, silky, smooth texture, they’ve been used on clothing for years especially on children’s clothing and undergarments, as it causes no discomfort to sensitive skin. Our satin labels are made with the finest satin fabrics and the best threads, so you can be sure that each label is made to have that soft, silk, lustrous feel that consumers love!

  • High-quality fabric

  • We at Kowloon Knitting use only the highest quality satin fabric when manufacturing our satin labels. We guarantee to meet your standards with our meticulous production process. However, satin labels may not be advisable for intricate designs as they are difficult to weave into the smooth, silky fabric. Consult with our personnel today and find out the best label solution for your satin fabric label needs!