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What’s a clothing garment without a label?

Woven labels, not your thing? We’ve got just the alternative for you. With exquisite colours and fine detail, our printed labels have been tried and tested to withstand countless washes under ordinary washing conditions. Printed labels are gaining popularity in the market nowadays because they’re highly customizable and not to mention, affordable! Kowloon Knitting offers the best-printed clothing label manufacturing service you’re bound to find! We offer the finest quality printed labels to make sure your brand never goes unnoticed!

Say what you want

Because the designs for these labels are printed on ribbon instead of woven on, printed labels are best known for holding more information than your average woven label. We can print any custom message, design, care instructions, or logo you can think of!

Artwork & Delivery Times are Fast! We Are Happy to provide a production sample of your label for approval on average 5 - 7 business working days once we receive your signed approval. We Strive to provide you with great value, fast turnaround & superior pricing.

Our Minimum Quantity Order is 500 pieces with no Maximum.

Satisfaction Guaranteed!

We at Kowloon Knitting use only the highest quality materials to ensure that you get your money’s worth. We produce premium printed labels for a pocket-friendly price which makes us the best in printed label production!

If you want to learn more about our products and services, feel free to browse our website or contact us at aaron@kklabels.com!

Benefits of having Printed Label

    High-quality, finest fabric, exquisite colours

  • Make your brand stand out! Here at Kowloon Knitting, we use only the best machines to print our labels. Using our state of the art Flexo and Rotary stamping machines, we manufacture the highest quality printed labels in the market! We also ensure that each label is manufactured to the highest of standards, making use of a meticulous cut and seal process to keep those edges flay-free.

  • Have it your way

  • Printed labels allow endless design possibilities, with countless colours to choose from and even different fabric material options. You’ll be sure to come up with the finest, one-of-a-kind labels made just for your brand. If you’re having trouble deciding just what you want for your printed label, feel free to contact us and our friendly personnel would be more than happy to help you make a perfect choice!

  • Clothing, lanyards, and much more!

  • Our printed labels are manufactured in the form of long ribbons, which makes it easy to apply them onto clothing. This also means that with a little extra length, it’s easy to turn these printed clothing labels into lanyards, making them the perfect giveaways for events or corporate functions! They can also be used as finishing touches to party giveaways. It’s not difficult to get creative with Kowloon Knitting printed labels!